Day six thing six…

#6 Mom, you were a lot of fun. I mean you really knew how to have a good time. And it was cool, even though I probably told you it wasn’t. But that is what kids do, right? They tell you how embarrassing you are and would never dream of admitting that you were actually fun. That’s what comes to mind when I think of you now. I think of your fun self. I don’t think of you sad or struggling or sick. I think of you smiling and laughing and having a blast. You just had that draw about you. People wanted to be around you. They had fun with you. I had fun with you. My friends had fun with you. There are a few stories in particular that come to mind…Do you remember that time when you came to visit me in college and we rented the pontoon boat with my girlfriends? Or what about the time we were out dancing with the family on vacation? Do you know that one of my favorite things was to watch you dance with my uncle, your brother-in-law? Wow, you guys could really dance. Like I wish I could dance. You know with a partner where the guy is leading the girl. In fact, I used to try to dance with that same uncle and he would yell at me because I wouldn’t follow him, I would try to lead him. I remember the first day I water-skied, do you remember that? I don’t think I was much older than the prepubescent eleven year old is now. You took me out on the boat of one of your best girlfriend’s and taught me to ski. There was a group of you, you were the “Boat Women” – you even had shirts, remember? I am not sure if I have water-skied since. Even in your last months on this earth you were still having fun. At the benefit we had for you, you tried so hard to dance and to keep up with the crowd. But you were so tired from your treatments and had to go home before the party ended. In fact, you were called home before the party ended.

I wish she was still here. So we could have more fun. So I could take her places. So I could teach her things. But she’s not and I can’t. But what I can do is continue to have fun. Because that is what she would want me to do. And all too often everyday life gets in the way of the fun. We need more fun. For what it’s worth.

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Director of some corporate stuff who happens to like writing a lot and other creative outlets - like karaoke - even though she is quite certain those in the room with her while she sings wished she didn't like it so much... Runner of all distances, but prefers longer distances as God gave her the gift of endurance not speed... Mother of two boys and two dogs, who on most days, are perfectly sweet and good...mostly.

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