Dear Winter,

We had a good run this past season. Indeed, this was one of our better attempts. You gave a little – I gave a little. You gave a bit more – I gave a bit more. You pulled back and I followed. Some days you gave less with your bitter cold – reminding me who really is in charge. Over time, on those days, I learned not to fight you – but just to accept those things that I cannot change or control and let them go. Some days I gave less and I learned that that is okay. I can only do what I can do today and that is okay. And I learned that I make mistakes – yes, you heard me correctly – I am admitting that I made mistakes. Like thinking I could outsmart you – beat you at your own game – that I would somehow defeat you, Winter, at this game you have been playing since the beginning of time. That I would win – no wind, snow, or below zero temperatures you could throw at me would keep me down. But what I realized this year, this season, is that there is no winning in the things we cannot control. There is only acceptance. And if we can learn acceptance, maybe just maybe, we will find a shred of peace.

And yet, despite these moments of clarity we find ourselves in this inevitable spot – time to let go – time to move on. Spring has come. And gone by the way…ah the joys of living in the Midwest.

A new season is upon us. And it’s time to put one foot in front of another. Time for you to go in your direction and for me to go in mine. Time to say goodbye until next time. Until we meet again. But I thank you, Winter. Because the lessons I learned from you this season, I will carry through the rest of my days.

One foot in front of the other. Time to move on to the next season. For what it’s worth.

field and sun

Green field,blue sky and sun.

Director of some corporate stuff who happens to like writing a lot and other creative outlets - like karaoke - even though she is quite certain those in the room with her while she sings wished she didn't like it so much... Runner of all distances, but prefers longer distances as God gave her the gift of endurance not speed... Mother of two boys and two dogs, who on most days, are perfectly sweet and good...mostly.

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