So speaking of New Year’s Resolutions…

I’ve had the phrase “and the truth will set you free” stuck in my head for a few weeks now – maybe longer – not quite sure when it actually crept into this thick skull of mine. And, in my head,  I’ve modified the well-known phrase to “and your truth will set you free.”  I suppose perhaps it’s because I find myself on a bit of a personal mission to speak my truth consistently, which sounds easy enough right? But for a people-pleasing nurturer / fixer / co-dependent / whatever you wanna call it – it’s the furthest thing from easy. It’s downright scary. Until you actually do it – then it’s the most frickin’ liberating thing in the world…

The funny thing here is that I’ve always been able to do this professionally – state my opinions and my ideas without fear of rejection – perhaps because when it’s “work” it’s more fact-based and I’m less vulnerable. I’m not quite sure yet. I need to put a bit more thought into why this is. So the “truth” that I am referring to is with regards to the personal side of life. The family, the friends, the loved ones – the ones that I’ve spent my entire life “taking care of” because that’s just what I do.  A product of circumstance when a child is propelled into “adulthood” long before one should be – I became the care-taker, the fixer, the nurturer, and eventually the co-dependent. Which taught me very early on to choose my words carefully irregardless of my thoughts or feelings as to not upset those who needed me and depended on me. And this, in turn, conditioned me to continue on in that same fashion well into adulthood. Mincing my words, curbing my thoughts and feelings out of a fear of disapproval or worse yet flat-out rejection. And perhaps the greatest gift of 2016 for me was simply realizing this about myself. Because what’s been happening since this realization truly is setting me free.

Somewhere in the last few months I realized that speaking my truth is not only something I am capable of doing but it is my responsibility to do so. What is not my responsibility is how other people do or do not react to my truths…

So here’s the deal…this topic of YOUR truth shall set you free has evolved into a few ideas that are still in the works that I plan to share with you all over the next couple of posts.

Why? Because we all have our own truths, our own stories. And those truths deserve to be acknowledged and investigated and manifested. And I’m really excited to see where this topic leads us. For what it’s worth.




Director of some corporate stuff who happens to like writing a lot and other creative outlets - like karaoke - even though she is quite certain those in the room with her while she sings wished she didn't like it so much... Runner of all distances, but prefers longer distances as God gave her the gift of endurance not speed... Mother of two boys and two dogs, who on most days, are perfectly sweet and good...mostly.

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